Gwendolynn Rachel


I support you to Remember, Connect with, Embody and Express your True Essence

Within my sessions I intent to offer a safe space in which people connect to their True Self. I
guide people to their core of purity and support them to feel comfortable to feel and
express the full emotional spectrum, through breath, body, energy and soul.
The approach I’m coming from is that you are already whole, and I’m just here to guide you
to connect with, remember, embody and express the remembrance of your own wholeness.
These sessions offer a step along the journey of returning to wholeness.
During the sessions we connect to your intention. Depending on your intention and your
preference, I guide you through one or various modalities.
With your permission, we connect to your Akashic Records, receiving guidance from your
higher self to serve your intention and highest alignment for your souls’ path. Through The
Akashic Records, we may receive guidance for the unfolding of the session.
I am looking forward to be meeting you Soul to Soul.
If you would like to learn more, I invite you to visit my website, connect to me on Instagram,
or reach out to me via

All my Love, Gwendolynn Rachel